Qype: Rose & Crown in London


Lovely little boozer. Best thing: massive beer garden. And I don’t mean a walled-in courtyard or a few picnic tables butted up against a clogged road, like most of the ‘beer gardens’ in London, I mean a proper beer garden with grass and picnic tables and space between them. In fact, the pub is basically next to a (small) park, and you can drink in it.

Food is pretty average (or it would have got a fourth star). They invented the crouton hat (I won’t spoil it for you) but everything else is a little institutional – a feeling added to by the fact it’s brought out by a sergeant-type who barks your name, and if you don’t answer straight away bellows it again like you’ve got five seconds to get it down you or you and your friends are damn well doing the assault course in full kit.

Still, a real hidden gem: cosy inside, spacious outside. Like I said, lovely.
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